The task was to develop branding, visual communications and a website for The Icebreakers Awards. “The Icebreakers Awards is the first civic engagement and human rights activism prize that focuses principally on Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. It aims to honour people and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to civic activism,[…]


Rebranding for Ukrainian Music Fair, the main and one of the oldest industry events (25 years old, no joke), promised lots of challenges and tough negotiations — for the old style was, uhm, really old-fashioned. Unexpectedly and fortunately, the process turned out to be pretty smooth and some really bold (as for this institution) solutions[…]

GIC | 2019

GLOBAL INNOVATION CATALYST (USA) Global Innovation Catalyst aka GIC is a California based advisory services company with the mission of
 supporting the development and creation of innovation ecosystems around the world. The company has  a few departments focusing on different kinds of activities, such as: events (GIC Summit), educational programmes developed in partnership with Stanford’s Center For[…]

LUXOFT | 2019

Once upon a time we got invited to participate in a tender as an event organizers. This was the big IT company developing different types of software, with offices all around the world and thousands employees — LUXOFT. Way too big corporation for the wild small us, but we were tempted to try (and we have a[…]


The task was to create brand IDs for two projects of the same owner: the Saint Petersburg based seafood bistro named GREBESHKI (‘scallops’ in Russian); and the next door art space SNEZHKI (‘snowballs’ in Russian) meant to be a multifunctional event hall. As you may see, there is no straight connection between these two notions —[…]

HITOMI | 2018

Hitomi Shop, a Ukrainian online store of Asian care cosmetics, decided to celebrate its 6th anniversary and entering the European market with rebranding. Hitomi is made by and for beauty geeks, it’s all about scientific approach, love to chemistry and meticulous selection of products. Its ideology is ‘skin is just skin, the country of manufactoring is[…]


SOMETHING ELSE ABOUT TECH An international tech summit known as BSS (Black Sea Summit) requested a new visual and communication concept to return with after a year hiatus. The summit is changing a format and marketing goals, becoming more global and not attached to the Black Sea Region as it’s been before. The client wanted[…]


The task was creating a brand name and а brand ID for an educational platform for startups where founders and high level managers can learn marketing (and other necessary skills – in the phase II); go through a bootcamp and develop their strategy, as well as find people able execute it. Markets: USA, Worldwide. Key notions: Community[…]

PLAN B FEST | 2017

PLAN B 2017. FESTIVAL OF SOCIAL INNOVATIONS AND NEW MUSIC As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think. / Joseph Campbell This year we started uplifting the project with a tiny update of the brand ID. Albeit we really love the work[…]


The idea behind Connect Ukraine Festival is to create a playground for creative people, to inspire and motivate them to change the world by giving them tools, skills and resources for that. To showcase the best startups and most successful projects of Ukrainian creative industry and get them connected with the foreign colleagues, experts and[…]

YEN | 2017

YEN. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL You might not know that ‘yen’ is not just the Japanese monetary unit, but also a passionate, ardent, intense longing or desire. A desire for someone who is not present, a strong wanting to do something what promises enjoyment or pleasure. Inclination, yearning, craving — all this, in[…]


The concept was conceived, incubated and born in record time—in 5 minutes or less, while staring at the opened GoDaddy page with the firm intention to buy a domain name for a prospective creative agency, immediately. This time we were our own clients, so it wasn’t time for demureness—in order to find a proper name[…]

touch festival logo

TOUCH | 2016

LOVE AT FIRST TOUCH TOUCH is conceived as an international interdisciplinary project with wide genre range (music, dance, cinema, video-art, fashion, performance art, etc) mixed with social activism and socially meaningful actions. We probably wouldn’t mind to arrange something as ambitious as a ‘cultural revolution’, but what we don’t really like about this notion is radicality[…]

Gem fest logo

GEM FEST | 2015

Dancing On The Cutting Edge When we were creating the concept for GEM Fest, we wanted to embellish it with as many different meanings and connotations as possible, just as the rather long-winded full title of the Georgian Electronic Music Festival contains the word ‘gem’ in its name: a precious stone, hidden away in an[…]

kazantip 22 website logo


Web site Patterns reflecting the key memes of the season Prints Stikers Banners for video wall (48m) Banners for the video deckhouse Movie theatre open air Credits: Mara Fauque — design, web-design, visual solutions, production management, content moderating, art-directing. Oleksandr Demianenko — photo, video directing, camera, cut, sound, movie fest curator. Masha Kuznetsova, Tanja Sharonova aka Freak Fabrique — installations,[…]

z21 logo


The Brand ID of 21th Kazantip was based on the ‘big bang’ concept. Font Personal plastic cards granting the right of multiple pass at the venue. Lineup poster Lineup billboards 6х3 m at the venue Line-up poster and line-up t-shirt T-shirts Lineup billboards Artists and meme posters for the light boxes Stickers The Opening Ceremony: The Big[…]


The twentieth, jubilee season of The Kazantip Republic was marked by a documentary series titled ’20 Years Of Our Era’, which became a tagline of the project. It was also embodied in the opening credits of all the short movies produced that year, in the brand ID and the main stage’s decoration. Viza, a personal plastic multi[…]


‘New York City officially passes bill to create a nightlife office. There will also be a ‘nightlife director,’ whose position is similar to the ‘night czar’ or ‘night mayor’ position in other cities. Their main goal is to advocate for the city’s nightlife by serving as a point of contact between the city and those[…]

z19 kazantip 2011 logo


It was a long-time tradition of The Kazantip Republic to have a new brand ID—font, logo, slogan—every year along with a new season’s theme. Changing a well-known and recognizable for something fresh and unknown used to complicate our life a bit, but, luckily, after a few years of such re-dressing we could afford it and it prevented us[…]

Summit on Mars logo


II Summit On Mars was a 3-day conference dedicated to festival events, advanced marketing and social technologies. It was taking place at the territory of Kazantip traditionally called Mars, with the participation of international speakers well known in the industry—owners of music festivals, awards, publishing labels; representatives of major companies and media. Logo Merchandising Press[…]

Kazantip | Live on Mars logo


Live On Mars was a subproject of The Kazantip Republic — a festival of live music within an electronic festival, a 4-5 night program taking place at a special live stage. During several years it had not just been giving the young talented bands from Russia and Ukraine a powerful boost, but also introducing to[…]


‘Like anyone else I hear the inner voice. Sometimes two.’ ‘Sometimes2’, the series of meditative and thoughtful micro-videos from Nikola Frantzevich Film Studio, got its name from a humorous sentence belonging to the President — ‘Like anyone else I hear the inner voice. Sometimes two.’ Created in a genre of art-documentary, these shorts reflect our[…]

казантип скворечники


Logo Stickers Viza, a plastic multi-pass Kazantip 2010. Mental Asylum The main theme of the season 2010 was a self-ironic idea of our own abnormally. While for its citizens Kazantip Republic was a perfect alternative realm with fair and kind rules, for the rest of the world it seemed to be a grand illusion or even ‘delusion’,[…]


The Kazantip Republic Presents Nikola Frantzevich Movie Studio The Кazantipian Movie Studio n.a. Nikola Frantsevich was founded in 2010 as the embodiment of long-lasting cinematographic ambitions of the Republic. Not that the Republic had longed to become a new Bollywood, but it would have been silly and thriftless not to use the richness of nature and[…]