CHOOOSE | 2018

This cute amusing monster is being an ‘official face’ of a Norwegian startup company Chooose AS, a daring climate guerrilla on a mission. Using official UN programs, the guys disrupt the world market of CO2 emission quotas, fundraising money and then buying out the CO2 permits that otherwise would go in hands of big industrial polluters. So CHOOOSE actually is the world’d first platform for climate actions for individuals and industries. The company is so innovative and unique that it takes a detailed presentation to explain how it works. Actually, this is what the guys have asked to help them with. They came with a ready brand ID (we loved it!) and our task was just to communicate visually and textually the company’s values and focus.

The presentation

We didn’t create all the messages (as this great tagline above) — we used some ready solutions that we have developed and communicated more clearly and obviously.  For example, there was the cute Carbon Monster eating CO2, created by the Sweden agency BOLT, but there wasn’t visual representation of it. We have upgraded it a bit.

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Business cards

From the brand book created by BOLT

Printed certificates

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