DA BEST | 2018

This ironic series of t-shirts called Лучшая.] / Da BEST / is made in collaboration with the Moscow-based fashion and jewelry designer Irina Ilyaeva and her Fineartshop.ru.  It is dedicated to the popular female memes or, to be precise, the widespread misconceptions and illusions regarding gender relationships that prevent women from seeing the reality. A man has disappeared? That’s because he got scared of his feelings. Because he’s realized that he can’t pull a woman like you. But in fact, you make him melt. He loves you — just has not realized it yet! And yes, you knew from the very beginning that you are made for each other. And he will look for your face in the crowd, yet. Because he can’t forget you. No one can. Because you are Da Best! This is exactly that these t-shirt say in Russian. And even if you secretly think exactly like this, there’s the opportunity to fool everybody and pass as a self-ironic person. : )

T-shirts are orderable for $30

This t-shirt with the print ‘He liked me’ is dedicated to all the girls with phones, stuck in social media, expecting a tiny heart from Him in the huge suspense. Totally understandable, but just a reminder: a like is just a like, do not be satisfied with such a small thing. Because you are Da Best! ; )


The ironic nerdish look book is starring Creative Beast’s Art Director & Co-founder Mara Fauque.