An international tech summit known as BSS (Black Sea Summit) requested a new visual and communication concept to return with after a year hiatus. The summit is changing a format and marketing goals, becoming more global and not attached to the Black Sea Region as it’s been before. The client wanted something bold, bright and even provoking, that would reflect the uncommon format (night conferences and club events, unusual topics and Weird Tech) and the ‘no BS’ approach — the guys were even ready to claim it by a slogan like ‘No BS, just weird tech’. All that, coupled with the striking resemblance to the BSS abbreviation led us to the obvious call to play with it. This is how re-naming and re-branding happened.)

Before: BSS

In order to maintain continuity we used one of the trademark fonts from the project’s brand book, but a dramatically different color palette. The client was inclined to black and something bright — we offered  a rare combination of black-pink-orange, but, alas, the last one didn’t resonate. We are still in love with it, and would love to share the initial option at least here.

After: NO BS. No Bullshit — Tech & Thrill.

The logo holds symmetry that we decided to utilize. We also played a bit with SUMMIT to make it distinct and recognizable—our double M will differ this summit visually from any others and can be used as an independent element of corporate identity.

Due to its symmetry, the logo can be used in different ways—both vertically and horizontally, separately or mixed with the text information.

The slogan ‘Something Else About Tech’ was meant to highlight the project’s returning in a new format, with something different than the whole local market offers. Well, okay, we are being cunning. Actually, the idea was to claim that this project is Something Else, something indescribably cool, what people have not seen before. But we didn’t want any ‘amazing, mind-blowing, fantastic’ immodest epithets (and ‘terrific’ was already occupied;). We wanted to camouflage the project’s extraordinarity and ambitiousness, to wrap it up into something simple and seemingly unpretentious. This is just humble something. Something Else. ;]


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