PLAN B FEST | 2017

PLAN B 2017. FESTIVAL OF SOCIAL INNOVATIONS AND NEW MUSIC As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm. Jump. It is not as wide as you think. / Joseph Campbell This year we started uplifting the project with a tiny update of the brand ID. Albeit we really love the work[…]

dancing ecstatic girl dancefloor


Let’s confess: great sex, as well as a great event, is a rarity. It’s even safe to say that it’s the event in itself. Analysis of its ingredients could be really helpful and demonstrative, for there are actually much more similarity in these two things than one could think—and it’s not limited by ‘it’s hard as fuck!’ meme. So, even if you will never organize any events, armed with this knowledge, you will be able at least to re-organize your sex life in a better way. : )

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The true story behind these 3 brand ID videos is: we didn’t have a web site (was under construction), we didn’t have time, but we had a FB page and a 3D-model of our brand stone partly done — so we decided not to wait and use it for building expectations and escalating the intrigue.The communicative mission of the[…]

Gem fest logo

GEM FEST | 2015

Dancing On The Cutting Edge When we were creating the concept for GEM Fest, we wanted to embellish it with as many different meanings and connotations as possible, just as the rather long-winded full title of the Georgian Electronic Music Festival contains the word ‘gem’ in its name: a precious stone, hidden away in an[…]