Third year in a row we were responsible for Luxoft Ukraine New Year event — this time, due to the quarantine, it was supposed to happen in the online format on December 23, 2020. The challenges we faced were: a very modest budget and only 3 weeks for preparation. The client requested something warm and[…]

LUXOFT | 2020

This was our second collaboration with Luxoft Ukraine — after the pretty successful experience with a music festival in 2019, having revealed the potential of party animals in humble software developers, the company requested a space-themed corporate party for about 2000 guests. We offered the concept based on the most inspiring, daring and breathtaking story[…]

NÈKTO | 2019

The task was to develop a moniker for a Russian rap artist (whom we are not calling by his real name due to the communications strategy we ourselves have developed.) It’s a solo rap project, the debut EP’s key themes are muddy waters of the shady business and favorite human vices — vanity, the thirst for[…]

LUXOFT | 2019

Once upon a time we got invited to participate in a tender as an event organizers. This was the big IT company developing different types of software, with offices all around the world and thousands employees — LUXOFT. Way too big corporation for the wild small us, but we were tempted to try (and we have a[…]


SOMETHING ELSE ABOUT TECH An international tech summit known as BSS (Black Sea Summit) requested a new visual and communication concept to return with after a year hiatus. The summit is changing a format and marketing goals, becoming more global and not attached to the Black Sea Region as it’s been before. The client wanted[…]


The task was creating a brand name and а brand ID for an educational platform for startups where founders and high level managers can learn marketing (and other necessary skills – in the phase II); go through a bootcamp and develop their strategy, as well as find people able execute it. Markets: USA, Worldwide. Key notions: Community[…]

YEN | 2017

YEN. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO TRAVEL You might not know that ‘yen’ is not just the Japanese monetary unit, but also a passionate, ardent, intense longing or desire. A desire for someone who is not present, a strong wanting to do something what promises enjoyment or pleasure. Inclination, yearning, craving — all this, in[…]


The concept was conceived, incubated and born in record time—in 5 minutes or less, while staring at the opened GoDaddy page with the firm intention to buy a domain name for a prospective creative agency, immediately. This time we were our own clients, so it wasn’t time for demureness—in order to find a proper name[…]

plan b

PLAN B FEST | 2016

PLAN B Festival of Social Innovations and New Music The main, pretty obvious, idea behind this name is the idea of unkillable optimism: whatever happens, do not give up. For there is always a solution for every problem, there’s always an exit, a perspective from which the glass is always half full, there is always[…]

touch festival logo

TOUCH | 2016

LOVE AT FIRST TOUCH TOUCH is conceived as an international interdisciplinary project with wide genre range (music, dance, cinema, video-art, fashion, performance art, etc) mixed with social activism and socially meaningful actions. We probably wouldn’t mind to arrange something as ambitious as a ‘cultural revolution’, but what we don’t really like about this notion is radicality[…]

Gem fest logo

GEM FEST | 2015

Dancing On The Cutting Edge When we were creating the concept for GEM Fest, we wanted to embellish it with as many different meanings and connotations as possible, just as the rather long-winded full title of the Georgian Electronic Music Festival contains the word ‘gem’ in its name: a precious stone, hidden away in an[…]

mookla kooqla Muse, different eyed


Brand legend and a concept of the debut album Electronic duo KOOQLA was born as a collaboration of two mature musicians — Nata Zhizhcnenko (Tomato Jaws, ONUKA , UA) and Artem Harchenko (R-Tem, TYOMA, RU), and they also had an intention to collaborate with a famous Russian puppet artist Polina Voloshina known by her iconic and unusual mooqla’ dolls. The task was to create[…]