The site’s redesign for the Norwegian educational project Young Happy Minds, dedicated to the Positive Psychology and its application in personal development of the youth and kids


Website design for the educational platform for startup founders. The site is based on the most popular WordPress template for online-courses, so the task was to customize it as much as possible, having added the brand ID elements throughout it.


The WP-based site for our friends and allies, the creative duo Freak Fabrique. The task was to create a minimalistic and convenient portfolio for the design studio with the wide range of specializations: architecture, design, land-art, venue planning, stage construction, event decoration, art installations, recycling, etc. There were a few specifics: the mix of compact[…]

PLAN B FEST | 2017

Web site for PLAN B festival The motto of PLAN B festival 2017 was Turn Falling Into Flying, which meant to reflect the challenging situation when a ‘plan A’ fails and one must create a ‘plan B’; an instance of failure and discouragement that—not easily, but with an extra effort and creativity—can be turned into a moment[…]


Design for the web site (*developed by KeenEthics) All the project’s visual production is based on the images of neural maps of а brain meant to support the key notion of the project through the chain of associations: creativity as brain activity, studying as forming new neural connections. The title picture of the web-site is[…]


FLURANET CREATURES FROM A BRIGHTER REALITY The website for one of the biggest and oldest Ukrainian design lab FluraNet focused on handmade items, paintings, souvenirs, bijouterie and clothes in the psychedelic aesthetic. The task was to create a modernized and more convenient version of the old site that could be at the same time an effective[…]

MYMAP.GE | 2016

MyMap.Ge APP was designed for a Georgian publisher — entirely, starting with the logo. Мумap.Ge is a directory of organisations, a navigator with traffic and radar detector. Standard maps, satellite images, terrain and hybrid maps combined with company directory with addresses, phone numbers, etc. Navigator with the construction of the route, distance calculation and arrival[…]

Gem fest logo

GEM FEST | 2015

Web site for GEM festival (Georgia). Web design, html coding, programming, tech support, administrating, copywriting and content management. (*the client redesigned it later and now it looks different). The entire case >>