Change the Game

This post is but a showcase of our approach to something as simple as a cotton t-shirt. Here we have collected multiple examples of merchandise products made for projects of different types just to show how large, in fact, the field for crativity is. And how a step away from trivial branding can turn a piece of fabric into an effective message carrier and a communication tool. Let alone a favorite wardrobe item.

The series of t-shirts developed for Festival of Social Innovations PLAN B.

Tough Nut To Crack t-shirt

PLAN B gift box: t-shirt + sticker pack.

z21 | kazantip republic | lineup poster & t-shirt

T-shirts developed for The Kazantip Republic Festival (2006-2014).

z21 kazantip republic 2013 t-shirt

live on mars

summit on mars

The Kazantip Republic 2011

выйди из кадра t-shirt


kazantip anaklia banana tshirt

казантип анаклия футболки

The Kazantip Republic 2014

казантип совсем ку-ку смирительные рубашки

The series of t-shirts developed for Luxoft’s corporate festival BYTE & BEAT.

Merch developed for NO BS tech summit.

Connect Ukraine branded t-shirt

T-shirts developed for the creative industries festival Connect Ukraine.

Connect Ukraine fest team

terrific t-shirt

Creative Beast’s merch: Terrific t-shirts.

terrific t-shirt

INCOMMUNICADO t-shirt by Creative Beast

Creative Beast’s series of t-shirts with rare and unusual words from different languages.

BRUTIFUL t-shirt by Creative Beast

Brutto Ma Buono t-shirt by Creative Beast

UNFUCKWITHABLE t-shirt by Creative Beast

creative beast colorful dino t-shirt

Creative Beast Dino t-shirts.

Merch for Snezhki & Grebeshki 

The series of t-shirt developed for Silver Stem Fine Cannabis.




The series of t-shirts for M1 Music Awards 2019.

Feministic and ironic series Da Best.