is what we are particularly good at
core concepts

Naming, branding, slogans, key messages, ideology, brand legend, marketing strategy and creative communications — the system approach building up not just a recognisable loveable brand, but The Idea To Die For.

visual solutions

Brand ID, print design, graphic design for indoor and outdoor advertising media, web sites and app’s — apt and worthy visual representation of charismatic ideas creating a distinct, impeccable and appealing image of a project.

video production

Conceptual shorts, creative documentary, emotional promo videos; shooting and broadcasting, photo-reports and after-movies highlighting the most significant moments of an event, in our own inimitable way.

creative conduct

Art-content management, ideas for spatial architecture, installations, performances, ceremonies and forms of sponsors’ presence — everything that creates an event’s unique vibe and requires the tailored creative solutions.


about us in a nutshell

As a team we had formed and grown out of the creative, marketing and PR departments of a large-scale international music festival which you might know as The Kazantip Republic. Our professional experience was way too specific and priceless not to apply it in the same field further—we do know, as no one else, the inside mechanisms of creating this kind of events, all the pitfalls and effective ways to avoid them.

We have at our disposal:
• massive and pretty extreme experience of organising multiformat international projects lasting from 10 to 45 days, with the attendance from 10K to 100K people.
* knowledge of all the peculiarities and stages of the process.
• knowledge of the market (Ukraine, Russia), the target audience and its language of communication—literally and figuratively speaking.
• our own marketing tricks, trademark style and creative vision.

• exclusive contacts and extensive opportunities all around the world.
• a fast and furious team of gifted passionaries able to generate true magic.

So we can take over the entire creative production and marketing communications during the preparation and promo campaign of any festival. Also, as part of the creative conduct of an event, we can provide creative directing, consulting and assistance in finding and hiring contractors needed for the implementation of particular creative tasks—such as stage constructions, design of a venue, light, sound, international booking, etc.

Our specialisation is interdisciplinary projects of such genres as music, dance, cinema, photo, videoart, spatial conceptual architecture, fashion and other forms of contemporary art. But in time free from making big festivals we can afford working on compact projects, provided that they are interesting and resonate with our vision ;)