The renewed site for one of the biggest and oldest Ukrainian design lab FluraNet specializing on handmade items, paintings, souvenirs, bijouterie and clothes in psychedelic aesthetic.The task was to create a modernized and more convenient version of the old site that could be at the same time an effective marketing instrument, an online shop, a design portfolio and a sort of ideology and lifestyle platform. The client insisted on sticking to the black-and-fluorescent palette—we have combined black and dark grey to make it more convenient, readable and contemporary. Considering the colorfulness of content, the site’s design is sort of ‘minimalistic’ and limited by the decorated page bottom and the slider where we used the most recognizable and significant elements of FluraNet’s works. Surrealistic psychodelic flora and fauna created by the artist Nita Kravets and other painters is presented through the slogan CREATURES FROM A BRIGHTER REALITY, which is equally true for the artists and their creations.