PLAN B | 2016


Festival of social initiatives and new music

The main obvious idea behind this name is the idea of unkillable optimism: whatever happens, do not give up. For there’s always a solution for every problem, there’s always an exit, a perspective from which the glass is always half full, there’s always a ‘Plan B’. And since the injection of optimism is one of the core needs of Ukraine, the Eastern region and our TA particularly, we defined it as one of the brand’s essential characteristics—‘optimism, trying, persistence‘—and aimed to find the name that would radiate it.

The second most important connotation behind this name we’re going to promote is creativity under tough or even extreme conditions. For when a plan A doesn’t work, we tend to urgently create another one, a plan B—and this is exactly where daring solutions and innovations are being born. And this is exactly what our project is about—new, often improvised, creative ways to solve old social problems. Our project is about finding a way by touch, tinkering and experimenting—that results in new and effective technologies worth to be shared with others.

Another one, less obvious connotation we’re going to elaborate and transmit through tag lines and texts is ‘initiative and activity’: do not wait for somebody fixing things you don’t like, do not expect manna from heaven—go and do something by yourself instead of waiting, create your own plan, Plan B, and act according it. Our project is FOR and ABOUT socially initiative people, this is why we find this name fitting.

Last but not least connotation ‘Plan B’ holds is kind of local slang meaning ‘after good work day we can go have some party’, which perfectly connects the day and night programs of our event.

These are the main meanings we are planning to focus on, but aside of them, there are a few more factors we were taking into account while considering Plan B as a brandnamе:

* It’s short and simple, but idiomatic and therefore frequently used by everyone and catchy (and it is important when your task is to build a recognizable brand in a short period of time).

* It’s a rare case when the same idiom exists in every cultural context, and sounds and looks equally eloquent and clear in Russian and English (which is important for our communication and the brand strategy).

* It’s universal and not attached to any subculture—it sounds actual for people of any age (which is good since our task is to widen the audience of social projects).

* Being very simple, universal and unpretentious, it, at the same time, is trendy, charismatic and life-affirming.

* It is equally perfectly applied to both (day conference and night party) aesthetics. It’s neither too boring nor nerdish, nor too specific.


5. Plan B_dynamic logo

The project’s brand ID was created by 3Z studio



PLAN B Nights: live concerts and dj-sets




Day part: conferences, workshops, panel discussions, game jam, game zone, flashmob, lunch with speakers

Conceptualizing, fundrasing, managing, booking, curating: Bojan Boskovic, Rajko Bozic
Executive Director: Alexandra Tsymbal
Day program directing: Natalia Trofimova, Rajko Bozic
Night program directing: Alina Khanbabaeva, Rajko Bozic
Creative Director: Oksana Koklonskaya
Financial directing: Sandra Vucetic, Olga Kovalenko
Venue Productoin, accommodation: Kirill Orlov
Naming, copywriting, web-content management, curating: Creative Beast
Volunteers management: Eugeniy Skrypnik
Hosting management: Vika Ivanova
Branding: 3Z Studio
Design: Elena Filina