LUXOFT | 2020

This was our second collaboration with Luxoft Ukraine — after the pretty successful experience with a music festival in 2019, having revealed the potential of party animals in humble software developers, the company requested a space-themed corporate party for about 2000 guests. We offered the concept based on the most inspiring, daring and breathtaking story of humanity — the story of Voyager’s Golden Record, being, in a way, a huge record-player exploring the cosmos and searching who in the Universe would play the best music produced by Earth.

The idea was to compile the Luxoft’s edition of Golden Record, throw a party, and using recent technologies, sent most powerful music pieces of past 40 years to faraway galaxies (coded into radio signals, of course). To turn the Erath into the huge subwoofer, literally to rock the stars and attract the attention of other intelligent life forms, completing most ambitious mission — establishing a contact with extraterrestrials. Because scientists astrophysics compiling the Voyager’s Golden Record, that on 86% consists of music and sounds of Earth, believed that music is a universal code to everything. So do we.

Well, such is the event’s synopsis.

We always try to avoid a cliche, but if it is inavoidable (like stars due to the space theme), let’s shake it well to get something interesting out of it. A shooting star, for expample. Or better a few. So meteor shower became the key element of the event’s ID visualizing the space shaken by music vibes—very literally. A bunch of shooting stars forms the compound logo, which in turn could be interpreted as one of them. We used kind of classic dark night blue and intense golden yellow, and — we could not believe it ourselves—maybe first time ever we used gradient to add volume to the space and light up the horizon with dawn. The font used is Luxoft Sans from the company’s brandbook.

 Event posters

Entrance banner

Meteor shower had its own life during the event — for example, as dynamic screensaver on the screen and all the projection surfaces, or as a 24 m light installation on the balcony.

Printed and e-map

Sticker pack and masks

LED screens and projection walls with space oriented content, NASA videos, cult movies and videoclips, branding and illustrations were main decoration of the event.

If there is a trivial simple things we do really love is a glitter bar — it always works like clockwork, creating an amazing mood at the party.

VR-chillout zone

Lounge zones, inside and outside, smoking area on the balcony.

Partners’ presence: JTI — Logic Compact test drive and sampling, Brown Forman — Finlandia, Jack Daniels with an extra bar. We like to think that we are one of the rare if not first fellows who have managed to engage partners into the corporate event.

SKY, the headliner

There was a camera capturing and broadcasting everything on the screens real time —if somebody knows how it really was on the dance floor, it is the shooting crew. Here is some not really technically perfect, but quite eloquent footage from the event.



Alisa Goloshapova — Executive Producer, project management
Natasha Kto Nado — Creative Producer, copywriting
Finn Kaufmen — Design
Andrew Reva — Video broadcasting & production
Dmytro Andrushchenko / Feyeria — Sound & Light
VJ Yarkush — VJing
Elizaveta Zavgorodnyaya — Stage Manager
Anna Nagorna — Host Manager
Botanica — Catering