Third year in a row we were responsible for Luxoft Ukraine New Year event — this time, due to the quarantine, it was supposed to happen in the online format on December 23, 2020. The challenges we faced were: a very modest budget and only 3 weeks for preparation.

The client requested something warm and heartfelt, highlighting the meaning of human communication that became so relevent this year of total digitalisation and isolation. So we came up with the concept of Analog Christmas, a small chamber event made as a live jam session broadcasted from a real recording studio. Famous musicians in their natural enviroment, music improvisations and collaborations, acoustic versions of the well known songs, live conversations in the radio format, warm lights and a Christmas tree — all this was meant to create the analog mood everybody had missed so much. We booked a few famous bands and radio hosts.

In order to create the analog holiday atmoshere, in visual materials we used real photographs in a warm palette: Christmas lights out of focus, and a red vinyl record that became a key element of the event’s branding.

Sticker and poster.

As a filming set we chose a multifunctional cozy space of Masterskaya, containing multiple recording studios, a stage, chill out rooms and a bar, that allowed us to have a few different shooting locations and various backgrounds for action. We slightly decorated it with traditional warm light bulbs and Christmas attributes,  but added a small twist — our pine tree was breaking into the frame as a rocket, paying a tribute to the craziness of this year when everything turned upside down.

Hosts Lera Chachibaya and Vlad Fisun, Radio Aristocrats FM.

Oleg Sobchuk, Oleg Grischuk / SKY.

Alloise (Live).


Alloise & SKY, acoustic duo

Studio interviews with guests: in spite of the quarantine, it’s been a productive year for many.

Artists drinking, talking and painting Christmas gingerbreads in a bar — for the camera.

Analog kittens as co-hosts and Christmas deers.

The online event duration was 2 hours and contained of: 4 bands’ short performances, 2 dj sets, scratch show, several duo improvisations, 3 interviews with headliners and 4 speeches of Luxoft representatives.



Alisa Goloschapova — Executive Producer
Natasha Kto Nado — concept, copywriting, event script, director
Loya Kiseleva — design
Lisa Zavgorodnyaya (Katz) — 1sr AD, 2d director
Anna Nahorna — project manger, online broadcast assistant
Andrew Rewa — video production & administration
Alexander Litvinenko — sound and video editing
Vlad Fisun — event script, host, DJ
Lera Chachibaya — host
Sergey Voloshin — director of online broadcast
Katerina Voloshina — playback director
All Moskovka, Alexey Laptev — Alloise
Oleg Sobchuk, Oleg Grishuk — SKY
Oleg ‘Fahot’ Mihailuta, Alexander ‘Fozzy’ Sydorenko,
Alexander Shimansky, Andrew Chudlya — TНМК
Amber Duimstra, Denis Dontsov — jazz duo