Silver Stem is the American, Colorado based company, known by its soil grown, hand-crafted, best quality marijuana and cannabis products. The task was to develop a line of merch (t-shirts, hoodies, bags, cups, etc.) that would be fashionable, catchy, funny, playing with the topic—not in the hippie-ish, but rather hipster-ish, more universal style. Options based on the tie-dye technology were especially welcomed, since it’s very popular in The States. Another request was to offer ways of branding the clothes. We created 8 artworks dedicated to this highly inspiring, haha, stuff.

I’M A BIT HIGH t-shirt flirts with the idea of a a bit distorted perception, inherent to the state of highness.

 COOLORADO t-shirt in the colors of the Colorado’s flag plays with the State’s name and its certain reputation as a place of total relax and chill. Legalize makes it the coolest place in the region, that’s for sure. There are several puns intended, actually: The State (Colorado) and the certain state (of chilling). ‘Cool’, which is obviously an organic part of ‘Colorado’ and can be both ‘cold’ and ‘great’, is also being echoed by ‘chill’, that can be both ‘relax’ and ‘fresh’. Well, you got it.

We also made ‘The High State’ option by the client’s request, which is, in our opinion, more straightforward and therefore a little less interesting.

It was impossible not to make these pair t-shirts with the usage of the popular ‘I love you more than’ meme. In case you are not familiar with the context, sativa and indica are marijuana’s sorts with different psychoactive characteristics. Sativa is more stimulating and sociable, Indica is more relaxing and introversive. So we meant using these two prints on light and dark fabrics respectively.


It’s widely known, especiall among cannabis consumers, that only female plants of marijuana are utilized in cannabis production. We couldn’t NOT use this natural premise for promoting feminism—or at least reminding how cool females are. Every Marijuanna’s friend is a feminista, naturally.


Some people love plants more than others. Some plants more than others.


LIFTED print on blue tie-dye is the best way to visualize the state of being a bit high, isn’t it?

Clothes are statements nowadays, so a bit of ambiguous motivational statements on a t-shirt is a must.

4:20 is a well known slang term for the consumption of cannabis, especially smoking cannabis around the time 4:20 p.m. Surely, we could not avoid this meme too. But in our interpretation 4:20 is Colorado & Oregon time, and since those are the states where marijuana is legalized, it is needless to explain the joke.