PLAN B FEST | 2017


As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm.
Jump. It is not as wide as you think. / Joseph Campbell

This year we started uplifting the project with a tiny update of the brand ID. Albeit we really love the work of 3Z Studio that had created the dynamic logo of PLAN B 2016 reflecting the concept perfectly, we sort of lacked a subject of action in it—and the project is all about action. So first of all we installed a tiny figure of a hip hop dancer at the verge of the logo, that is supposed to symbolize the daring, risky nature of the project and the audience it’s identified with—innovators able to dance with the unknown at the cutting edge. Hip hop is not accident, too: following our initial communication strategy, we wanted to add more of the street, guerillish, funky charm to such a deadly-serious notion as ‘social activism’; let alone ‘hop’ means what it means.

We also decided to use a bit different color spectrum this year. PLAN B 2016 was dressed in ice and navy blue, now the festival was supposed to take place in late fall/winter season and we wanted the promo materials to catch people’s eye, brighten and warm up grey and cold surrounding. As the base colors we chose summerish Lime Yellow and Old-school Adidas Blue; a bit later Pantone Institute had pronounced 16 most trendy colors of 2018, among which are Lime Punch and Little Boy Blue, so we sort of got into the trend.

We also used other colors for navigation—to make a distinction between day and night program, days of the festival and events in different cities.


The motto ‘Turn Falling Into Flying’ was meant to reflect the challenging situation when a ‘plan A’ fails and one must create a ‘plan B’; an instance of failure and discouragement that—not easily, but with an extra effort and creativity—can be turned into a moment of triumph. The message was visualized on the landing page—the parallax effect makes the dancing figure levitate with scrolling.

‘They say, necessity is the mother of inventions. True! So the main idea behind PLAN B is about being extremely inventive in the extreme conditions, about changing a way of thinking, a strategy and approach to a problem, it is about game changing. Festival PLAN B is a convention of socially active creative savvies where they share tricks, tools and ideas on how to turn falling into flying—i.e. transform a challenge into an opportunity, a failure into success, terrible into terrific, bad into BAD!

PLAN B fest is such a magic trick itself, merging serious topics, education and great entertainment into the mindblowing mix called ‘edutainment’. It is also an intense communicative marathon: inspiring day-time communication in the framework of conferences and workshops continues at night on concert stages and dance floors, where—in the best tradition of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde—tech geeks, famous speakers and social activists unleash their inner beasts and party animals. And considering how exceptional are the people that PLAN B brings together, this is the sort of networking that can become  truly a life-changing experience.’ /

Teaser posters

Artist ID posters

We used different options of the dynamic logo for different events: day and night posters for Lviv

 Day and night posters, two-side flyer for Dnipro

Web site

 ‘No daring is fatal. The whole logic of the universe is contained in daring,
in creating from the flimsiest, slenderest support.’ / René Crevel 

Creating these prints we recalled all the boring obtrusive logo-branded t-shirts that lose their relevance next day after an event. We wanted ours to be universal, rebellious, smart, fashionable — ones people would love to wear through the year. So we used just some cool relevant messages and a tiny mention of the site.

Gift pack: t-shirt, stickers


PLAN B 2016 Aftermovie

The promo campaign had started with the after movie reminding the best moments of 2016 and announcing the dates of 2017. PLAN B 2017 has taken place in 4 cities: 3 smaller events in Dnipro, Lviv, Bahmut and the major 3 day/3 night event in Kharkiv (Ukraine). (Music: Arsenal — Pacific)

Turn Falling Into Dancing and other promo videos

Day Conferences (live stream: day 1, day 2)

Key talks

Panel discussions

Cluster discussions

 David Batstone (USA) / Value led business

Manny Ansar (Mali) / Festival Au Desert

Social Games Exhibition A MAZE Kharkiv Pop Up

Mini Conferences by Culture of Sound

Aza Nazi Maza Art School Exhibition

TOLERANCE Poster Travel Show by Mirko Ilic (USA)

Midday nano-discotheques by Culture of Sound

PLAN B Nights

The Bug / Kevin Martin (UK)

Miss Red / Sharon Stern (Israel)

Shanti People (UA)

60 speakers from 10 countries, 9 bands and 22 djs have taken part just in the main Kharkiv event of PLAN B 2017. More than 1500 people have attended day conferences and about 5000 — night concerts and parties. The festival was dedicated to such fields as Art and Culture, Urban Interventions, Entrepreneurship, Event Production, Technologies, Education.

The project is organized by an international team of pros working in such fields as social and cultural activism, social entrepreneurship and event making, under support of USAID in the frame of UCBI.

PLAN B 2017 Aftermovie 



Fundrasing, managing, curating: Bojan Bosković, Rajko Bozić
Executive Director: Alina Khanbabaeva
Day Program: Rajko Bozić, Bojan Bosković, Alina Khanbabaeva,
Night program: Alina Khanbabaeva, Rajko Bozić, Bojan Bosković, Uroš Radenković, Bogdan Shushkanov, Vlad Burkun
Day Program Communications: Irina Dmitruk
Creative/ Marketing Director: Kto Nado / Creative Beast
Global PR: Irina Semenyuk
Local PR: Ekaterina Pereverzeva
Financial Directing: Sandra Vučetić, Viktoria Oleksienko
Production, Logistic: Kirill Orlov
Venue Production: Marko Stannković, Mladen Hvrvanović
Design: Mara Fauque / Creative Beast
Web administrating: Ivan Duldya / Creative Beast
Video production: Kto Nado / Creative Beast, Andrew Rewa
Volunteers management: Anastasia Abashina
Hosting Management: Maja Črnac, Ljubomir Leschuk
Photos: Irina Klychnikova, Galina Balabanova, Kto Nado