TOUCH | 2016



TOUCH is conceived as an international interdisciplinary project with wide genre range (music, dance, cinema, video-art, fashion, performance art, etc) mixed with social activism and socially meaningful actions.

We probably wouldn’t mind to arrange something as ambitious as a ‘cultural revolution’, but what we don’t really like about this notion is radicality and militancy associated with it. Well okay, if revolution is unthinkable without radicality, we’d prefer to do it in a different, gentle and intelligent way. You think this doesn’t make sense and contradicts the very idea of revolution as swift and drastic change? Ha. Remember how your entire life got turned upside down overnight after watching, let’s say, Fight Club, or reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, or listening to Radiohead. Well, it could be any other film, book or album, or a person whose single phrase — or a look, or a smile — changed your life for ever. What we are trying to say is that a fateful change can be impetuous — like love at first sight.

Oh, that magnificent moment when something immaterial but powerful touches you to the core, captures you overbearingly and moves you — literally moves you rapidly from where you are now to the absolutely different realm, from what you were till now to what you are meant to be… The idea of a revolution made through touching people’s hearts and minds doesn’t sound as a conceptual contradiction anymore, right? We truly believe that falling in love with something — falling deeply, to the point of immediate impulse to do something  — is the only effective form of revolution. We believe that quick but persistent positive changes — personal and social ones — are motivated and provoked by powerful emotional impression caused by a contact with something truly exceptional, touching, awe-inspiring.

So our project is totally about that delicate and masterful touch that sends shivers up your spine without even contacting your skin. About this brief touch of something strikingly beautiful, genuine, meaningful — a life-changing experience. About groundbreaking ideas, extraordinary artists and outstanding projects able to affect people’s way of thinking, feeling and living — making it more meaningful, profound, creative. We connect such people, ideas and projects into events holding potential of the great impact.



So we can say that our mission is to touch the world in all possible ways — to move it, to thrill, to give it a boost, (if needed — a kick), to hit its nerve, to caress, to make it fall in love with wonderful things that worth it, and thus motivate for the changes.

We want to entertain and excite people, but at the same time to prompt them to evolve. To bring actual important issues to their attention and awake the desire to make a change. To get them connected with the most wonderful an beautiful things in the world, including their own dreams and talents. We want to do all this simultaneously — using universal and most expressive languages — music, dance, creativity, art.


Logo is presented by a mark left by a finger stained in paint — as a symbol of creative impact.



Collection 11 - Mock Up 8 - Letterhead




Slogan: Shivers Production


Vertical Billboard - Mock Up


City light boxes