The twentieth, jubilee season of The Kazantip Republic was marked by a documentary series titled ’20 Years Of Our Era’, which became a tagline of the project. It was also embodied in the opening credits of all the short movies produced that year, in the brand ID and the main stage’s decoration.




Viza, a personal plastic multi pass



Soft toy-ish medals: Super Dude, The Star Of The Dancefloor, Pride Of The Nation


Post cards anyone could send anywhere right from the post office at the venue



Booklet with the map, The Kazantip Republic’s Constitution and other significant information



The Main Stage’s decorations

Xx_4Grand Opening



The installation based on a short poem written with the usage of only imperative verbs


77 правильных глаголов казантипского языка

(ну) здравствуй,
слушай, давай решайся, пробуй, ищи, пытайся.
думай давай! мечтай. учись, играй, воплощай,
стремись, расти, познавай. строй, ломай, изучай.
валяй меняйся! меняй. откройся, случись, удивляй.
включайся! пристуствуй, будь. сделай, начни, не забудь.
не бойся, почувствуй, лети. признайся, люби, хоти.
смейся и плачь, держись. стань и смоги, родись.
рискни и поверь, доверяй. отпускай, принимай, прощай.
прощайся, останься, уйди. помни, храни, жди.
забей! дерзай, не тупи. жги, не молчи, шути!
делай, веди, делись, выбери, определись.
проснись, осознай, зацени — радуйся, не гони!
осмелься, дыши, спеши, иди и живи, не ссы!


Kazantipish irregular verbs

(Well), Welcome.
Listen, come on, decide, try to find,
break through, don’t hide, think, define,
give, take and top, smile, dream up,
escape, invent, don’t stop.
Explore, embody, inspire, construct, destroy.
Study, choose, change, challenge, imagine, uprise.
Hope, open, happen, wonder, surprise, rule, improvise.
Uncover, don’t fear, love, feel, believe, confess, reappear.
Become, begin, enjoy, start, recollect, belong and join.
scream, reveal, laugh, shout, cry,
stand up, return, run, learn to fly.
Leave, stay, continue, go away.
Don’t wait!
Move, prove, remember, don’t regret, prevail.
Dare, desire, risk, achieve, wish, share, trust,
Accept, forgive, expect, don’t sleep, get up and dance
Rock, talk, hang out, relax and jest,
Rejoice, create, keep, carry, act,
improve, don’t worry, understand,
wake up!
Look around, see, shine, don’t hesitate,
sense, seek, perceive, experience and play,
breath and live, don’t piss away.

Documentary series ’20 Years Of Our Era’ shot at all the places where Kazantip was born and grew up.

Resident Advisor’s review


Mara Fauque — design, web-design, visual solutions, photo, content moderating, art-directing.
Oleksandr Demianenko — photo, video directing, camera, cut, sound, movie fest curator.
Andrew Kozelkov — sound & light equipment, technical conduct.
Nikolay, Daria and Katerina Boychenko & D’Arts Ballet — dance support, performances.
Natasha Kto Nado — ‘XX years of our era’, idea, 1st AD; copywriting.
Maxim Bobrov — programming and system administrating.
Vladimir Ermolov and Verteco — tent constructions, stages.
Nikita Marshunok — creative director, general producer.
Sergey Pertsev — ‘Nuhujase’, video production, producer
Artem Harchenko — ‘Nuhujase’, music, producing; live stage, booking.
Yury Marychev — lineup, booking.
Maksim Melnik, Andrew Reva — camera.
Sergey Vinnik — gaffer.
Vadim Epstein — VJ-ing, video-support.
Dmitry Oparin — photo, video.